New features

  • Font randomization is now available
  • It’s now easier to test one’s Kanji knowledge: Just check ‘Hide Furigana’ in Settings -> Reviews. When doing reviews, press Tab to make it visible again.
  • Desktop: Added various keyboard shortcuts. For details, press the keyboard-shaped button in the top bar when doing reviews.
  • When searching for items via Browse, unlearned words can now be moved to the front of the lessons queue. This allows you to prioritize items or learn words that are not part of your currently selected Study mode. Use wisely.
    Unlearned words are now visually marked with gray font color.
  • A auto-submit feature has been added, no need to press Enter anymore. Use wisely.
  • In EN->JP mode, only basic PoS will be displayed from now on (eg: ‘Verb’ instead of ‘Godan verb with su-ending’)
  • Added a setting to auto-play sentence audio in reviews
  • Added some more minor features not worth mentioning in detail


  • Fixed a couple performance issues that could lead to overheating on some devices
  • Fixed an endless loading loop bug caused by the dashboard incorrectly showing ‘1 review left’
  • The confirm-button didn’t convert n to ん if it’s the last character of a word
  • Some more minor bug fixing and code optimisation