New features

  • Vacation Mode has been implemented
  • An audio review mode has been implemented: You’ll hear the vocab in Japanese and are asked to enter its meaning (activate in Settings -> Reviews)
  • The Endless Practice feature has been improved and now lets you choose the way you want to practice (JP to EN, EN to JP, Audio to EN, Audio to JP) and which SRS levels shall be included
  • The information that appears when an item has just been answered (shortcut = space bar) was extended by the words PoS, JLPT level, the context sentence with audio and links to Jisho & Tatoeba
  • Selecting any vocab in the ‘Browse’ interface will now display some valuable infos such as its SRS level and how many times it has been answered (correct)
  • Part of speech is now displayed in review sessions
  • The current selected Study Mode now appears in Settings -> Lessons
  • The Kana converter will now convert n’ to ん
  • On the login screen there’s now a ‘Secure Connection’ checkbox (enabled by default)
  • Added some more minor features not worth mentioning in detail


  • Trying to playback audio of custom vocab or other vocab without an audio file won’t crash the app anymore
  • Adding custom vocab: Fixed a bug that prevented Kanji from being pasted into the corresponding textfield
  • Some more minor bug fixing and code optimisation