Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Can I use Torii without any prior knowledge of Japanese?

You will want to learn Hiragana & Katakana beforehand, as Torii refrains from using Romaji. I recommend Tofugu’s guide.

Do I have to install a Japanese keyboard (IME) to use Torii?

No, Torii has an inbuilt Romaji to Kana converter. No need to download anything but the application itself.

How do I create an account?

First, download Torii from the download page. Second, start the application and click on “Don’t have an account?“. Enter your email address and password and click “Create Account“. Done!

Why do you ask for my email address?

We store all user data in the cloud, your email address serves as your user name. If you need to reset a forgotten password, we’ll send you a link to create a new password to your email address.

How can I reset my password?

You can change your password anytime in the ‘Settings‘ menu. If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot your password?” on the login window.


How long does it take to level up a word?

Leveling up a word to the highest SRS stage (Sensei) takes at least 6 months. The actual timings are as follows:

Lesson -> Rookie 1
Rookie 1 -> 4 hours -> Rookie 2
Rookie 2 -> 8 hours -> Rookie 3
Rookie 3 -> 24 hours -> Rookie 4
Rookie 4 ->  48 hours -> Amateur 1
Amateur 1 ->  7 days -> Amateur 2
Amateur 2 -> 14 days -> Expert
Expert -> 30 days -> Master
Master -> 120 days -> Sensei

Whenever you get a word correct: +1 SRS stage.
If the word is Rookie 4 or lower and you get it wrong: -1 SRS stage.
If it’s Amateur 1 or higher and you get it incorrect: -2 SRS stages.

Why is there no iOS App? Is there one in the making?

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for an iOS App. The annual fees of Apple’s Developer Program are just too high for a free App like Torii.

Will there be a Web version?

Maybe. At the moment there is no work in progress, though.


Desktop: Can I run Torii on my Chromebook?

Yes, but it can be a little bit complicated to set up Java on Chrome OS. A quick web search brings up multiple articles with instructions on how you can do it.

Desktop: I can't start Torii, it says "GdxRuntimeException: Couldn't create window"?

It means your graphics card might be outdated. Try updating its drivers. This usually happens when using virtualization software (VirtualBox, VMWare, …) or on company laptops with restricted control.

Android: Auto-complete isn't working?

Torii SRS for Android isn’t a native Android App. Because of that there are some limitations in terms of usability.

Android: My keyboard isn't typing any letters?

Torii SRS for Android isn’t a native Android App. Because of that there are some limitations in terms of usability. Your phone’s standard-keyboard should be compatible with Torii (Gboard, SwiftKey, etc).

Android: Will there be a native Android app?

There is currently no native Android app in the working.

Torii Prime

After donating, how long does it take for my account to be upgraded?

Your account will be upgraded immediately. If not, contact the developer.

Do subscriptions auto-renew?

No. When your subscription ends, you will have to donate again manually if you want to keep access to your Prime content.

What happens when my subscription ends?

Your Prime content (custom vocab, Practice lists, etc) will be preserved in the Cloud, however you won’t be able to access it unless you renew your subscription.

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