Torii SRS is designed, coded and maintained by Rakantor. Powered by the libGDX framework and visUI library.
It’s interface design and SRS are inspired by WaniKani.com – a powerful web application for learning Japanese Kanji and vocabulary made by Koichi and Viet of the Tofugu Blog. Many of Torii’s features were inspired by various third party plugins for said website, developed by the amazing WaniKani Community. The same community actively helps Torii’s development by submitting useful feedback, suggestions, requests and bug reports.

Vocabulary data comes from a modified version of the Core 10k deck originally published by user pmnox on the Kanji Koohii Forums. Torii’s vocabulary database is continuously being expanded and improved with the help of the community.
JLPT data and some example sentences were taken from Jonathan Waller’s JLPT Resource page.
Torii uses a variety of third party Japanese fonts, which are available for free to everyone on FreeJapaneseFont.com.
Check out Studio Megaane and their YouTube Channel for their awesome 8bit music library!

Torii SRS provides links to:
Jisho.org – a powerful Japanese-English dictionary crafted by Kim, Miwa and Andrew.
Tatoeba.org – a free collaborative online database of example sentences founded by Trang Ho.

All graphical content used within the application and on torii-srs.com are the properties of their respective creators.
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