New features and improvements

  • The top right corner of the review interface now shows the total number of available reviews and completed items per session (a session ends when one goes back to the dashboard)
  • Removed the Furigana textfield for kana-only words
  • Added a Knowledge Base / FAQ section (can be accessed from the dashboard)
  • Added a function to get in touch with the dev via the app (can be accessed from the FAQ section)
  • It is now possible to easily report individual items if a mistake is suspected (e.g. wrong JLPT level). To do so, click on the ‘Report a problem’ link that is located at the bottom of the lesson interface
  • Added a Light theme
  • Desktop: Added tooltips for most image buttons and some links
  • Android: The phone’s back button is now actually functional within the app
  • Added some minor features and improvements not worth mentioning in detail


  • The endless practice settings will no longer reset after finishing the first session
  • Fixed quite a few visual bugs, mostly in the Android version