Improvements / New Features

  • Added a timezone feature (Dashboard > Settings > Lessons)
  • Added a couple of settings to have the audio autoplay in different ways when reviewing (at start; after responding; if the answer was wrong)
  • Furigana will now auto-show after every answer
  • Desktop: Added various hotkeys for smoother navigation. The keybinding manager can now be accessed in lessons
  • Desktop: Added a keyboard shortcut for archiving items and the possibility to restore the item for a few seconds after it has been archived


  • Text and icons should no longer be blurry on HDPI monitors (especially Macs)
  • Custom notes and synonyms added in practice mode are now saved to the server as expected
  • The placeholder setting will no longer reset to its default setting after restarting the app
  • The vocab progression window (Dashboard > Browse) will no longer stay on the screen after returning to the main menu
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to freeze when clicking on ‘Search by…’ (Dashboard > Browse) before the practice lists loaded up
  • Minor bug fixing and code optimisation