Improvements / New Features

  • Loading times in between reviews have been shortened significantly
  • Desktop: Added full-screen support to reduce the potential for distractions during lessons and reviews
  • When selecting another Study Mode it is now possible to decide whether you want to get all or just study mode specific reviews in the future
  • It is now possible to archive vocabulary during reviews
  • Numbers can now be typed in as digits (eg ‘3 things’ for ‘三つ’)
  • In both study and review sessions there are some new icons in the top bar providing a visual indication of when temporary audio files are being downloaded and played
  • Made scrollbars in menus always visible by default
  • Added some more minor features not worth mentioning in detail


  • Fixed a bunch of audio related issues (audio being played back in the wrong order; audio lagging behind; etc)
  • Got rid of that annoying static noise at the end of some audio files
  • Words with many meanings/translations won’t cause bugs in the UI any longer
  • Typing in a mix of Hiragana and Katakana for a single word won’t cause the answer to be wrong any more
  • Some more minor bug fixing and code optimization